Securing Your Code – WordCamp Maine 201

Today I have the honor of speaking at the first WordCamp Maine. This time around I’m talking about more advanced security for WordPress developers including how code is compromised and some specific things to watch out for in WordPress itself. You can find my slides below.

What Does HTTP Mean?

We all know that there is something called HTTP when we go to a website, for most of us it’s the four (or five if you’re using https) letters in the beginning of a website address. For example, if you look at the whole address of this site it is What does this really… Continue reading

Speaking at WordCamp Maine

I’m proud to announce that next weekend, August 16th, I’ll be speaking at the inaugural WordCamp Maine in Portland, ME. I’m really looking forward to interacting with a younger WordPress community and sharing some of what I’ve learned about more advanced security topics in my talk “Securing Your Code: WordPress Security for Developers.” If you’re… Continue reading

NAMS – Some Thoughts On A New Experience

It’s no secret that the last couple of years I’ve been something of a WordCamp addict. I’ve attended about a dozen since the beginning of 2013 and I’ve even had the privilege of speaking at a few (with a few more coming up). WordCamps are wonderful but it is weekends like this that remind me that… Continue reading

Understanding Vulnerabilities

As you probably know I love to teach, particularly about things I’m passionate about such as web and security. I got the opportunity to do so again today for the online training site WPSessions in a series called Security for Developers. To hear the whole talk (and a few more with it) will set you… Continue reading

Sublime Text to PhpStorm – Why I Switched

I’ve gone through a lot of coding tools over the years, from Dreamweaver to Coda and Espresso I think I’ve tried just about all of them. About two years ago I got tired of switching all the time and thought I found my ultimate solution in Sublime Text 2. It was fast, easily customizable through plugins… Continue reading