WordCamp DFW 2014

Today I’m closing out my 2014 WordCamp season with the opportunity to share basic security principles and techniques with the folks at WordCamp DFW in Fort Worth, TX. This is another opportunity I couldn’t be more thankful for and a perfect way to end what has been an absolutely incredible year for WordPress security.

WordCamp Providence 2014

Another great opportunity has presented itself to me this weekend. I am speaking not once but twice at WordCamp Providence in Providence, RI. In addition to my talk on “Securing WordPress the Right Way” I had the honor of presenting a 4-hour workshop on securing WordPress with Joseph Herbrandson of Sucuri.net which which went spectacularly yesterday and… Continue reading

Why I Sold Better WP Security

Before I get into the meat of this post I want to point out that I’ve written and re-written this post a few times over the last eight months in order to better reflect on the whole thing myself. The Beginnings of Better WP Security Back in 2010 (which might as well be the stone… Continue reading

Securing Your Code – WordCamp Maine 2014

Today I have the honor of speaking at the first WordCamp Maine. This time around I’m talking about more advanced security for WordPress developers including how code is compromised and some specific things to watch out for in WordPress itself. You can find my slides below.

What Does HTTP Mean?

We all know that there is something called HTTP when we go to a website, for most of us it’s the four (or five if you’re using https) letters in the beginning of a website address. For example, if you look at the whole address of this site it is http://www.chriswiegman.com. What does this really… Continue reading