Better YOURLS 2.1.0

Better YOURLS is a project I started in 2014 to help me integrate my YOURLS installation with my WordPress site. The idea was to be as simple as possible while, at the same time, to still work with Jetpack (a plugin I’ve come to rely on heavily for my own site).

Don’t Use PHP’s Mkdir in WordPress

PHP has some pretty great functions for handling the file system, mkdir, and rmdir particularly come to mind as, for the most part, they do the job quite well. As a WordPress developer however that doesn’t mean they’re both your best choice. WordPress actually has a function that will do this better (especially considering the… Continue reading

WordCamp Miami 2015

I have the privilege this weekend of speaking at my favorite WordCamp, WordCamp Miami, on one of my favorite topics, Security. If you’re around the area check it out and figure out how to improve the security of your site!

Loopconf 2015 – Security for WordPress Developers

Today I have the privilege of talking about one of my favorite topics, security, with one of the largest groups of developers I’ve ever spoken to. While the talk is short, only 25 minutes with questions, hopefully it will give a few folks some ideas on better improving their own code by avoiding some of… Continue reading

WordCamp San Diego 2015 – Vetting Plugins

Today I had the honor to talk about a topic dear to me at WordCamp San Diego, Vetting Plugins. This talk provides a quick overview of what plugins are and how to know the plugin you’re installing is the right one for you. If you’re new to WordPress or shopping for a plugin yourself check… Continue reading

Handling HHVM Crashes with NGINX

If you’re looking to speed up your WordPress (or any PHP) website HHVM is one of the best things you can implement. HHVM is a PHP engine, designed by Facebook, that compiles the PHP on your site into a C++ binary allowing it to run at a deeper level than traditional PHP engines.┬áThis┬ácan offer quite… Continue reading