Getting Media on Your Local WordPress Site

If you’ve worked with WordPress sites for a while you’ll know that sometimes the hardest part is settings up a local environment that is close enough to your production environment to make a difference. While there are plenty of ways to do this one mistake I often see made is a somewhat crazy push to… Continue Reading

Better YOURLs 2.1.3

Another day, another quick update to my¬†Better YOURLs plugin¬†for WordPress. This time it’s just a small fix to make sure editing menus doesn’t try to create extra short links. You can download the latest version here (or just update it from within WordPress).

Thoughts On Our First Year At Home

Today marks exactly one year since I first pulled up the moving truck to our house here In Sarasota, FL. Frankly, it feels like it was about three weeks ago rather than a year but that’s a whole other story. As I really do look back on this last year there really is only one… Continue Reading

The Year Without Beer

I’ve read so many posts these last few days of friends and colleagues reminiscing on the bast year and planning for this new year. So much opportunity and so much hope for something better is always a good thing. I can’t say that last year was all that bad for me. We moved into a… Continue Reading

Better YOURLs 2.1.1

I’ve released a quick update today to the Better YOURLs WordPress plugin to allow it to work better with sharing plugins that share your post when the article is published. This new update simply generates the shortlink earlier to make sure it is available when, for example, JetPack sharing sends out a tweet or share… Continue Reading