How to Open an Apple Pages or Keynote Document on Any Computer

iWork09Have your Apple friends ever sent you a document made in Pages or Keynote? Fear not, it is actually easier to view the contents of either of these documents than it is to open something made by nearly any other office app.

Note that either of these procedures will work on any modern operating system whether it runs Windows, OS X, Linux, or something else.  Continue Reading

5 Google Services Your Website Needs (even if you don’t)

GoogleEveryone is familiar with Google on a personal level, but as a website owner we must go beyond the services we’re familiar with and take advantage of a host of new (to us) services designed to help us promote, monetize, and gauge the effectiveness of our websites. These 5 services are products that you’ve probably never used in a professional way until building your own websites, but if you ask any experienced website owner you’ll quickly learn that they are more valuable than just about anything else Google offers. Continue Reading

3 Speedometers For Your Website

Speedometers for your websiteA lot has been said lately about the impact of speed on search engine rankings. The bottom line is that slow sites will not only lose visitors who are impatient, but they will lose position on Google and other search engines as well.

A really good website, one with little overhead in terms of images and other media and a great host, can often get their load times down to 1 or 2 seconds. Most good blogs, by the time social plugins and other add-ons are accounted for, will take around 4 – 5 seconds to load. Anything slower than 10 seconds and your readers are long gone.

So how fast is your website? Using a stopwatch and clicking “Go” in your browser isn’t a good way to tell (I actually had somebody tell me this week that this is what they do). Instead, use one of these 3 tools to really know how fast your website goes and, more importantly, what you can do to improve it. Continue Reading

How to Properly Redirect Your Domain With or Without www

Pearanalytics results for bit51 duplicate (www redirect) content

Proper redirects are important. Failure to use them will mean search engines such as Google will either see your site twice, or, they might not see it at all either of which can dramatically reduce your search engine ranking.

Redirects are what happens when you type in the address of one website and, before you know it, a different address for the site appears in your address bar. Every time you click a short link in Twitter or Facebook, you type www where it isn’t needed or don’t type www where it is needed, or just plain get transferred from one page to another you are using a redirect.

For SEO these are extremely important as Google may penalize you for posting the same content in multiple websites and, if not done properly, a www redirect will in fact look to Google as if you have 2 websites, one with www and one without.

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5 Places Where QR Codes Can Work For You

A Creative Message With a QR CodeQR Codes are all the rage for businesses. They are used in products from magazines, billboards, and lately even TV commercials. What few people seem to realize however is that QR codes don’t have to be just for business and can in fact be an effective way to boost your own personal “brand” or just to help your friends/family figure out some details. However you use it though remember to be creative by adding value to someone scanning it with their phone. Just linking to your website which could have probably been typed in in less time than it took to scan your QR code is a bad idea. Continue Reading