Drupal vs WordPress – Which is right for you?

WordPress vs DrupalBack in January I wrote an article on Drupal 7 vs Joomla 1.6 which demonstrated the power of Drupal¬†over the Joomla system. Almost a year later it’s time to stack up Drupal next to my other favorite content management system (CMS), WordPress. As I begin this comparison I’m looking at the situation from a slightly different angle. Rather than going through aspects such as installation, administration, etc that I did in Drupal vs Joomla I’m going to look at Drupal vs WordPress from 4 different use-cases derived from my own experience with the platforms over the years.

Before I go any further I want to point out that while there was a definite winner in the Drupal vs Joomla battle, when it comes to comparing Drupal with WordPress the concept of “better” doesn’t really apply. Both are built in¬†fundamentally different ways for different purposes and in large organizations, particularly in higher education, it is quite common to see them running together to meet various organizational goals and needs. Continue Reading

3 Lessons on Accessibility For Blogs

Website AccessibilityFor as many topics as I see on blogging and bloggers one of the most overlooked, yet perhaps most important topics I rarely see talked about is accessibility. While this is by no means a simple topic nor is a perfectly accessible site something that can be derived with ease, there are a few things every blogger should (but usually doesn’t) remember about accessibilty. Continue Reading