Facebook Bug Lets Anyone Edit Your Page

Bad Facebook Bug
A Facebook Bug could give others the opportunity to edit your page.

If you’re the admin of a Facebook page you’ll want to turn off the map on the page info. There is a current bug that will allow anyone to change the info of any page on which a map is displayed (see the above image. I am not an admin of that page). Continue Reading

Adventures in Monetization

Strategies for monetization
As you might have noticed, over the last few months I’ve added quite a few adds on this site. No, I’m not trying to overwhelm you. Instead I’m just trying to pay for the services that support this site. Here’s a quick breakdown on what I’ve tried so far and how I plan to optimize my strategies over the next few months. Continue Reading

Customize Your WordPress Dashboard in 10 Seconds

WordPress LogoThe WordPress dashboard (the screen you see when you log into the backend of a WordPress installation) can be a very powerful feature. When customized to your needs it can show you a wealth of information that can help make managing your blog a much friendlier task. Unfortunately many folks don’t know how to do this and are stuck with the default information which can really clutter your dashboard with information that is of absolutely no importance to you.

Here’s how to fix it in 10 seconds: Continue Reading