Does Your Blog Have Too Many Features?

Does your site have too many features?

With so many social networks, commenting systems, and other features available these days how much is too much? In other words, at what point does adding more features to your site or blog start working against your goals instead of for them?

You all know the sites I’m talking about. These are the sites where the message is caught up in social media widgets, advertising, and fancy comment boxes (among other things). These are the sites with little content yet the pages take 10 seconds or more to load. In short, we all know a site has too many features when we see it. Now, how can you objectively look at your own site and determine if you are guilty as well? Continue Reading

Gender in Social Media, the New Divide?

Discussion FridaysI’m going to try something new today I’m going to call Discussion Fridays. Rather than a lengthy tutorial or other similar post I’m going to instead post questions for discussion in the comments section. The idea being to incorporate more interaction and the ideas of more folks than just myself.

So here goes the Bit51 Discussion Friday topic 1:

The rise in popularity of sites like Pinterest has some interesting implications on the social media world. For the first time a social network has gone mainstream with overwhelming support primarily from women. How do you think this will affect the social media landscape as a whole? Is this the beginning of a new paradigm or just a fluke?

Redirect Your RSS Feed to FeedBurner

FeedBurner Logo

Do you use FeedBurner? It’s a great service that can add a lot of value to your website or blog. For a lot of folks however switching to it can be scary as how do you tell existing subscribers that your feed has moved?  Continue Reading

3 WordPress Plugin Developers I Trust

TentBlogger, Yoast, and Automattic are Top Notch
Picking a good WordPress plugin or theme can often be more difficult than picking a good used car. They look great on but as soon as you download them you feel like you’ve been swindled. That said, when I look for for plugins or themes these days there are 3 folks I look at first as they really stand out as producing top quality products that get the job done without causing a huge headache. Continue Reading

How Many Social Networks Should You Publish Your Blog On

With so many social networks available for businesses as well as individuals how many should you post your blog on? Is it really better to be on as many as possible or should you target where you post?

While the answer to this question can vary based on the size and genre of any blog, there are still 3 simple rules you should follow when deciding what social networks you want to publish on. Continue Reading