Add A New Image Size To WordPress

WordPress LogoIf you’ve been using WordPress for a while you’ve probably noticed that when you upload an image WordPress automatically creates the associated thumbnails for use throughout your site. This is great, but what happens if you want a different image size for your thumbnail or you need multiple versions of the image for different places in your site?

Here’s an easy tutorial for adding a new image size to your WordPress theme. Continue Reading

How Often Should You Blog?

How often should you blog?

If you follow Bit51 regularly you’ll know it’s been a quiet week without a post (up until this point). You’ll probably also know this goes against my normal schedule of three posts per week which I’ve been mildly successful at for most of the life of this site.

While my goal is three posts per week sometimes this just isn’t prudent and sometimes there is room for an extra post or two. Is this a problem? Should I even set a goal for posts per week? This brings up the topic of today’s post. How often should you blog? Continue Reading

Debugging WordPress

Debugging WordPress

How “good” is the code behind your WordPress site? Are plugins or themes causing out errors you don’t even know about? Is there anything¬†inherently¬†wrong that is slowing your site down, causing security problems, or just generally being a nuisance? How can you tell?

Here’s how to turn on debug mode and log all errors to files or display them on the screen (if you’re so inclined): Continue Reading

How do you handle writer’s block?

How do you handle writer's block?I’m at something of a loss today. I actually can’t think of anything to talk about (much to the surprise of those that know me I’m sure). This doesn’t mean I don’t have blog topics, my draft queue will hit 3 digits soon, it just means that I can’t seem to put words on the screen for any of those topics.

When your blog is something for which you have to come up with the topics, the ideas, the words, and everything else as opposed to being assigned a story to write about I think it really makes the work a bit harder. Add to that the fact that us amateur writers do not have the experience or toolkit that our professional colleagues have getting our thoughts out of our heads and onto a screen can really be a challenge. That said, I’m curious about how all of you for whom your blog is not your full-time job handle the periods when the words you need escape you.

So here’s my question, how do you handle writer’s block? What techniques help you build a post when you put your fingers on the keyboard and nothing happens?

The 3 Most Neglected Parts of Any Website

Don't neglect the detailsEvery time I see a guide to building a website or a workshop on getting your product on the web I hear about content. Everything is about content which, they say, is king.

While it’s hard to argue against content as king, after all a website without content is like a car without an engine, there is more to a website than just the content on the page. If you can’t provide your readers with a safe and pleasant experience in an efficient manner even the best content will be eventually ignored. That said, as I browse the web on a regular basis there are three areas I see ignored or nearly ignored so often that bad sites have become more of the norm than good sites. I don’t know how many sites I won’t bother following because, even though they had a good post that brought me in, other factors keep me from coming back. Here are the three biggest areas I see folks ignoring at their own peril. Continue Reading