Excluding a Category from your WordPress Homepage

Excluding a Category from your WordPress HomepageSometimes it isn’t always appropriate to have every category in your blog show up on your blog’s homepage. An example of this is the “Software Updates” you see in the sidebar on this site. While I write the updates as regular posts I’ve found (through trial and error) that not everyone wants to read them so I pull them from the list of posts on my homepage and use a plugin to put them in my sidebar. I do this with a bit of my own code to remove them from the homepage and then use a plugin to display what I want in the sidebar using a widget? Why not do both with my own code? Frankly, when I get time I’m going to remove the plugin entirely and do both through my own code but time hasn’t been on my side for such a change yet. In the meantime, I use my own code to remove the updates from the homepage simply because my solution is simpler and lost costly in terms of performance than any plugin I’ve seen try to do the same thing.

Fortunately WordPress makes it really easy to write this code yourself and include it within your theme’s functions.php file. Here’s what you need to do: Continue Reading

Bit51’s Development Tools – 2013 Edition

Modern Development ToolsA little over a year ago I wrote a post listing 11 services and applications I use as a developer. When I read that post again last week I frankly found it hard to believe I had ever used some of those development tools. It isn’t that they’re bad, it’s just that so much of what I’ve done over the last year has evolved and as it has so have the tools I use in my daily work. So with that in mind I think it’s time to take inventory of what I’m using currently in my development (at least the big stuff anyway) and offer some suggestions for folks who are looking for new tools themselves.

The apps and services in this post are items that I use in my workflow every single day. This is the stuff that, if they were to close up shop I would be in a significant bind. You see, for some things there are good replacements. Other tools do one thing significantly different from the rest and, if you’re a creature of habit like me, losing that one feature could seriously slow you down for a while. That said, here’s what I’m using currently to develop this site and for pretty much everything I do in my day job. Continue Reading

Notes and Observations on WordPress Security

WordPress security is a popular and difficult topicWordPress security has become a popular topic as there have been a number of posts lately talking about just how secure WordPress is or is not. From what I’ve read so far just about all of them boil down to one of two things: 1.) the author has a stake in WordPress as part or all of his/her business so it’s secure and, 2.) my site got hacked so WordPress is not secure. Add to that a number of posts on how to improve WordPress security and the ever-growing number of security plugins in the WordPress.org plugins repository and it can all get pretty confusing. So who is right? Is WordPress secure or isn’t it? Continue Reading

Securing WordPress – The Full Video of my 2012 WordCamp Austin Talk

Some things are better late than never, right? I like to think so and as such here is the full video of my talk last year at WordCamp Austin. The session was titled “Securing WordPress is Easier Than Making Coffee” and included a number of tips and tricks designed to help you keep your WordPress site from falling victim to the attacks that seem to plague all too many users. Continue Reading