WordCamp San Francisco… That’s a Wrap

WordCamp San Francisco 2013Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for my third WordCamp of 2013, WordCamp San Francisco. For those of you who are unfamiliar WordCamps are regional WordPress conferences held in cities throughout the world. As part of the WordPress Foundation they’re cheap (usually only $20), are packed with great speakers and can be one of the best places to network and discuss all things WordPress.

Of all the WordCamps held throughout the year WordCamp San Francisco is the king. This is the largest and seemingly most well-funded WordCamp there is. As it is located at the home of Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com) it attracts folks from all over the world as attendees, sponsors and speakers providing a depth of knowledge and experience that simply isn’t available anywhere else. Continue Reading

Add Social Media Icons To Your Site Without Images

social-media-expertWhat if I told you there is a way to add social media icons to your website that doesn’t require image files, scales for any screen size or pixel density and is even easier to use than images?

The problem is that images are slow, inflexible and just an all around hassle to handle on most websites. Sure, you can create a sprite to make it a little easier but creating, maintaining and, in some cases even using that sprite can be an exercise in futility if you aren’t intimately familiar with CSS. To complicate matters, if you don’t use a sprite you have to download a separate resource for each and every image you use and possibly another separate set of images if you need to resize the images due to screen size or pixel density.

Fotunately there is a better way. Continue Reading

3 Tips For Protecting Your Social Media

Social Media SecurityI talk a lot about website security. While securing your website is obviously a passion of mine there is another part of your business and your brand that I haven’t been paying enough attention to. Your social media accounts are often just as, if not more so, important than your actual website? Do you know how to keep them safe as well? Continue Reading

But I Thought there Were No Core Bugs in WordPress?

But I Thought there Were No Core Bugs in WordPress?There have been a lot of posts lately talking about how secure WordPress core is and how so few vulnerabilities have been reported over the last few years. WPEngine had one that became very popular a few months ago and I’ve seen numerous others. I’ve even written myself on how WordPress problems are not necessarily in the code but are instead a result of education and the human element of WordPress.

That said, WPDaily has an infographic this morning talking about WordPress security where they list a full 32% of WordPress vulnerabilities as being in core and 40% in plugins and themes. While I don’t have the time to really look into this claim this morning I still find their numbers quite intriguing especially coming on the back of WordPress 3.5.2 which patched seven vulnerabilities itself.

So which is it? Is WordPress secure or isn’t it? Considering my plugin I’m not going to elaborate on my thoughts. I’m more interested in what you think. Lets talk about it in the comments below.