My Development Toolbox – 2014

My ToolboxIt’s no secret that things change but sometimes it amazes me just how quickly some things can change. Web development is one of those things that changes so quick that if you’re not paying attention it is all too easy to get left behind.

In the spirit of change and trying to keep up with that change I try to take a look at my own development toolbox about this time every year and share the current apps and tools that, at least currently, I don’t think I could do my job without. Continue Reading

Vagrant Up – The Austin WordPress Meetup

Vagrant Up - The Austin WordPress MeetupOn January 7th I had the pleasure of speaking to the Austin WordPress Meetup about Vagrant, specifically how you and why you should use it in your WordPress development. Vagrant is an excellent replacement for traditional local development environments like MAMP and XAMPP and allows for both more control over your environment as well as the ability to synchronize your development environment across multiple workstations or multiple team members.

The code from my presentation can be found on GitHub and the slides can be found below. Continue Reading