Introducing Primary Vagrant

Primary VagrantLife before Primary Vagrant

I first learned of Vagrant last July at WordCamp San Francisco when Mark Jaquith gave his talk “Confident Commits, Delightful Deploys.” For years before that I had used various local web servers starting back with MAMP Pro when I moved to the Mac in 2008 and more recently with AMPPS which seemed to solve many of the shortcomings of MAMP Pro.

While these applications weren’t bad they definitely left something to be desired in particular when I had to work with other folks or have to deploy to a server with an unusual configuration. Even on my own servers which have run on Ubuntu since around 2008 deployments from my local machine could be problematic if I didn’t match PHP version or some other seemingly random configuration item. Continue Reading

What Happened to Better Google Tasks?

As some of you have pointed out to me Better Google Tasks, the Google Tasks extension that had recently been mentioned by Matt Cutts, is no longer in the Google Play Market.

The short answer as to why: I really don’t know what happened to it on the market.

The longer answer: It is the users that have pointed out its absence. A look through my email and other sources doesn’t reveal any communications about why it was removed.

I do plan on getting it back up at some point but for the moment I have to admit it isn’t high on the priorities list.