WordCamp San Diego 2015 – Vetting Plugins

Today I had the honor to talk about a topic dear to me at WordCamp San Diego, Vetting Plugins. This talk provides a quick overview of what plugins are and how to know the plugin you’re installing is the right one for you. If you’re new to WordPress or shopping for a plugin yourself check out my slides below. Continue Reading

Handling HHVM Crashes with NGINX

If you’re looking to speed up your WordPress (or any PHP) website HHVM is one of the best things you can implement.

HHVM is a PHP engine, designed by Facebook, that compiles the PHP on your site into a C++ binary allowing it to run at a deeper level than traditional PHP engines. This can offer quite a performance boost in areas where full-page caching isn’t practical or desirable.

While the performance boost HHVM can provide is great it does have some drawbacks particularly in code compatibility. Simply put it can’t run all PHP code which can get you into problems really quickly. Fortunately there is a solution though. Instead of pushing everything to HHVM and letting your users see any failures we can fallback to a traditional PHP engine should something not work with HHVM or should your HHVM server become unavailable for any reason. Continue Reading

My Development Toolbox – 2015

I’m a bit of a tool junky. Up until recently I had over 150 apps installed on my computer to handle all the little nuances of development. Frankly it was overkill. The truth is I only really need a few different apps as long as I learn them well.

About once a year I take stock of these core apps I use in development both to share and to examine what has changed. I’ve actually been writing this post ever year since 2012 and find it fascinating how quickly tools change over time. While much of what I’m using this year is the same as last year there are enough differences to make me look back and realize just how much I have evolved right along side the industry I work in. Continue Reading