Escaping Late Doesn’t Require Escaping Often

For the most part the idea that you can never have too much security rings true. A good firewall, smart account management, following coding standards and best practices… These are all good things but, as with anything else you can have too much of a good thing. Continue Reading

Reflections of a WordPress Developer

It’s now been over six full years since I first started really working with WordPress. September 20th, 2010 is when I first opened my account to submit a small plugin I built that afternoon. Six years later I can say without reservation that I’m so glad I chose to get involved with the project both through my own successes and the failures as well as those of the project itself.

It’s safe to say today that WordPress, both the project itself and the community around it, is not what it was six years ago. For the most part this evolution has been positive but of course it has had it’s road bumps as well. As I get more involved in my new position this fall and look forward to the next few years in WordPress and other technologies I’ve forced myself to sit bad and re-examine what WordPress means to me as both  a WordPress developer and as simply a developer looking to get the job done in the best way possible. Continue Reading

Vagrant is Not The Answer For Everyone

After working with Vagrant for nearly three years and even writing a post on how great it is I can now say without hesitation that it is not the solution I thought it was. I don’t say that lightly either as I’m about to launch version 4.0 of my Primary Vagrant project. Instead I say it based on the expectations we have put on it as a development community combined with ecosystem (or lack thereof) of the tools we have been using to attempt to bend it to our will. Continue Reading

I have a voice

It’s been years since I really blogged on here regularly. Sure, I’ll get up a post or two every now and then but I haven’t really written anything since 2013-2014. The irony: for most of that time I’ve spent more time working on the code for this site than I ever have. These last few weeks, even as I’ve plotted and schemed to start writing more, I’ve put even more time to simply changing the site itself without a single post to show for it. This has left me asking why and, after even more time thinking about it than I’ve spent working on the site I think I finally have a descent grasp at what has been going on. Continue Reading