So Long Primary Vagrant

For the last four and a half years I’ve poured an awful lot of time into my local development environment which has morphed to one of my most popular projects of all time on GitHub. Primary Vagrant was my first real devops project that helped me learn technologies from Puppet to Ruby and from Vagrant to server architecture to a level of detail I never thought I would need.

Today it is time for me to announce that I have shut down the project.

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Stop Autoplay Videos in Google Chrome

In upcoming versions of Google Chrome, Google promises to make it easier to disable autoplay on videos. For now, however, it’s not quite as easy to get to but still available if you know where to look.

To stop the autoplay nonsense in Chrome yourself here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in your browser
  2. Under Autoplay policy select Document user activation is required.
  3. Click RELAUNCH NOW at the bottom of your browser screen.

That’s it, you should now get far less annoying videos playing automatically as you browse the web.

I should add that I did this in the latest build of Chrome 63 on my computer. If you don’t see the option yourself make sure your copy of Chrome is up to date.

Standardizing Our WordPress Plugin Development

We write a lot of plugins at work. On average I seem to build one or two a month myself and I’m one of a team of developers working on our site. With that much code getting built keeping all that code maintainable can be quite a chore. To make that chore a bit easier I’ve introduced the team to WordPress coding standards and other tools but it can still be a challenge to keep all the plugins organized. Continue Reading

Experiments With Gravity Forms and Secure Data Storage

One of the best aspects of my job at UF Health is we get to experiment and push boundaries if it means advancing the interests of our customers (in our case “customers” are the departments, labs and other units that build sites on one of our WordPress platforms.

One of the tasks I’ve been asked to look into involves two parts:

  1. Allow for personal data to be accepted via Gravity Forms while meeting full HIPAA/FERPA compliance
  2. Allow for individual groups on our BuddyPress intranet to handle personal and other sensitive data to meet HIPAA/FERPA compliance.

While the latter is, I must admit, still a work in progress I have been able to make a working proof of concept that would allow for secure storage of Gravity Forms entries that will, hopefully, be able to meet our regulatory requirements.  Continue Reading