Where to Get the Best WordPress News

Reading the NewsIs it just me or are WordPress blogs a dime-a-dozen? It seems like everyone (including me) is on the blogging kick lately. While I’ll never complain about people getting involved and trying to educate others simply trying to keep up with WordPress news, tutorials and other posts in the inevitable noise that comes with so much content can be crazy.

Frankly I’ve given up trying to get emails or follow blogs directly. For the most part I haven’t even been to the sites of some of my favorite blogs in months (which can get really awkward after a redesign when you find out how similar your site looks to some of them). I’ve been able to do this with a few free tools that have allowed me to track about 400 blogs and sites while really paying attention to the 1/2 dozen or so I find most informative. Continue Reading

3 Tips For Protecting Your Social Media

Social Media SecurityI talk a lot about website security. While securing your website is obviously a passion of mine there is another part of your business and your brand that I haven’t been paying enough attention to. Your social media accounts are often just as, if not more so, important than your actual website? Do you know how to keep them safe as well? Continue Reading

Another Way To Game Klout

Empire Avenue missions can be used to game your Klout scoreAnyone who has been around social media for a little while can tell you that Klout is a game and, like most games, is susceptible to being gamed itself. While Klout claims to be a reliable measure of a person’s or brand’s influence over social media on a given topic the fact is that it really isn’t all that reliable.

If you are serious about your Klout score here is an easy way you can game it: Continue Reading

How Often Should You Blog?

How often should you blog?

If you follow Bit51 regularly you’ll know it’s been a quiet week without a post (up until this point). You’ll probably also know this goes against my normal schedule of three posts per week which I’ve been mildly successful at for most of the life of this site.

While my goal is three posts per week sometimes this just isn’t prudent and sometimes there is room for an extra post or two. Is this a problem? Should I even set a goal for posts per week? This brings up the topic of today’s post. How often should you blog? Continue Reading