I write a lot of code and, when I can, I try to share it in hopes someone might find it useful. Here are some of my bigger projects to date. For a more complete list of projects I’ve been involved in please take a look at my GitHub and profiles.

Selected Projects

  • Better YOURLs

    A WordPress plugin that integrates the YOURLs custom URL shortener with your WordPress blog including with Jetpack comments.

  • Primary Vagrant

    Primary Vagrant is intended for WordPress plugin, theme, and core development, as well as general PHP development, and can be used as a replacement for local development stacks such as MAMP, XAMPP, and others.

    Although Varying Vagrant Vagrants by 10up is great (and I still use it for NGINX work), I wanted a few major changes. First, I wanted Apache instead of NGINX and, second, I wanted to use Puppet instead of Bash. Using VVV and Puppet as a base, this repository attempts to address their shortcomings for my own work with a Vagrant configuration that is ready to go for WordPress plugin or theme development.

  • Better Google Tasks

    Better Google Tasks was a Google Chrome extension for Google Tasks that allowed users to easily add, view and edit tasks directly from the Chrome browser.

    After over 100,000 downloads and a write-up by Matt Cutts himself the project was sold to in December, 2013.

  • iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

    iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) is a WordPress plugin that, by the time I left it in the capable hands of in February 2015 had approximately 4.2 million downloads on the repository making it one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time.

Note that "archived" projects are projects I am no longer involved in for one reason or another.