I have a voice

It’s been years since I really blogged on here regularly. Sure, I’ll get up a post or two every now and then but I haven’t really written anything since 2013-2014. The irony: for most of that time I’ve spent more time working on the code for this site than I ever have. These last few weeks, even as I’ve plotted and schemed to start writing more, I’ve put even more time to simply changing the site itself without a single post to show for it. This has left me asking why and, after even more time thinking about it than I’ve spent working on the site I think I finally have a descent grasp at what has been going on. Continue Reading

Onward and Upward

What a year so far (I’m finding it hard to believe it isn’t over yet). For the first time in a while I find myself getting back into the swing of things with this website as well as personal projects such as Better YOURLs and Primary Vagrant, the latter having received a nearly complete rewrite twice over the last few months. Next up is getting back to working on this site and actually start writing again. I’ve changed a lot these last few months to make this possible and I’m pretty excited as the pieces are starting to fall into place. Continue Reading

Why I’ve Stuck With WordPress

One question I’ve been asked more often lately is why, considering all the newer technology that is available today, have I stuck with WordPress for my career and my side work? Well, there are 5 reasons for that to be honest… Continue Reading

Debugging Google AMP

There’s a lot of talk about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) lately and a lot of developers rushing to catch up as it starts to make an impact on their sites and search rankings. One thing many aren’t doing however is really paying attention to the details of their code resulting in problems and other bugs that break the new format.

At it’s heart AMP is straightforward using mostly HTML to cache simple content for Google. The details of that simple HTML however aren’t as easy as everything from scripts to poorly encoded links and ads can break the page.

This doesn’t need to be the case. Continue Reading