I write a lot of code and, when I can, I try to share it in hopes someone might find it useful. Here are some of my favorite projects to date. For a more complete list of projects I’ve been involved in please take a look at my GitHub and profiles.

  • Better Google Tasks

    Better Google Tasks was a Google Chrome extension for Google Tasks that allowed users to easily add, view and edit tasks directly from the Chrome browser.

    After over 100,000 downloads and a write-up by Matt Cutts himself the project was sold to in December, 2013.

  • Better YOURLs

    A WordPress plugin that integrates the YOURLs custom URL shortener with your WordPress blog including with Jetpack comments.

  • iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

    iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) is a WordPress plugin that, by the time I left it in the capable hands of in February 2015 had approximately 4.2 million downloads on the repository making it one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time.

  • Primary Vagrant

    Primary Vagrant is intended for WordPress plugin, theme, and core development, as well as general PHP development, and can be used as a replacement for local development stacks such as MAMP, XAMPP, and others.

    Although Varying Vagrant Vagrants by 10up is great (and I still use it for NGINX work), I wanted a few major changes. First, I wanted Apache instead of NGINX and, second, I wanted to use Puppet instead of Bash. Using VVV and Puppet as a base, this repository attempts to address their shortcomings for my own work with a Vagrant configuration that is ready to go for WordPress plugin or theme development.