Building a great product is only part of the equation. Teaching others to build their own products and website not only helps others succeed in their own goal but also is one of the most fulfilling activities I’ve ever done. Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to speak and teach to diverse audiences on WordPress and technology on a few occasions.

Here is a list of where I’ve been lately and where I’ll be going. Hopefully if I haven’t met you already, I’ll get to at one of my upcoming engagements.

Selected Talks

  • Advanced WordPress Security

    Take a deep dive into WordPress development security with a look at what causes vulnerabilities and ways you can avoid them. We’ll be looking at some of the most popular vulnerabilities on the web and some of the PHP code that can unwittingly cause them.

  • Business Q&A Panel (panel)

    As the final session of the Business Track at WordCamp Miami, we have brought all the speakers together for you to ask questions directly to them. Perhaps you would like to know a secret for successful freelancing or knowing how to price your customers? Any business or freelance questions are fair game as our experienced speakers close out the conference giving personal advice.

  • Encrypt All The Things: Practical Encryption from SSL to Email and Beyond

    There’s a lot of talk about website security, keeping sites updated and making sure passwords are strong, etc. These techniques might be great for your site itself but aren’t helping your privacy or your users and, in the right circumstances, can leave your fancy new passwords and other data open to anyone who might be listening.

    We’ll look beyond passwords and updates at ways to protect your privacy, your users privacy and the data that is sent to and from our own sites as well as those we use every day.

  • Escaping the Development Bubble

    When you only work on one website (or a small handful of websites) keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques can be hard. In my session we’ll talk about ways to keep up on the technologies that can make you a better developer/designer/etc. while avoiding the bubble that can lead to stale sites and stale careers.

  • How to Take Your WordPress Site Security to the Next Level

    Security doesn’t have to be hard. This talk covers a few simple steps you can take to help keep your site safe from attackers as well as provide a checklist of items you can carry with you across all your web projects.

  • iThemes Security How To

    This month we’ll be having a special remote session from Chris Wiegman. Chris is the lead dev for iThemes Security and he’ll be giving a talk on how to use it to secure your WordPress site.

    This meetup is happening during our normal developer meetup, but will likely lean more toward the user end of things. So if you’re concerned about the security of your WordPress site and want to know how to set up iThemes Security to help protect it, please plan on attending.

    We’ll follow our normal meetup format of pizza and social time from 6:30-7pm. At 7pm Chris will begin a ~45 minute presentation on iThemes Security followed by a 15 min period for questions. 8-8:30 will be wrap up and networking.

  • Lessons in Plugin Development: Successes and Failures of a Large Free Plugin

    Getting any plugin on the WordPress.org forum can be a lot of work. Taking a plugin like Better WP Security (now iThemes Security) to more than 2.5 million downloads when it isn’t your full-time job can seem nearly impossible. This talk will discuss how I built Better WP Security to one of the largest plugins on WordPress.org including what I did right and what I could have done better. Specific tips will involve handling support, marketing a plugin and squashing bugs when you wear all the hats (developer, marketer, teacher, project manager, etc). This session will help to equip you with the tools you will need to not just get your plugin out there but also to make sure it is successful.

  • Leveling Up: Resources and Strategies for Becoming Better At Your Craft

    WordPress has a double-edged sword when it comes to talent. On the one side, thanks to an amazing community and marketplace, it’s easy to get a professional looking site up and running quickly. On the other, WordPress is easy enough to get into that it attracts “professionals” that are looking to cut corners in pursuit of the quick buck. As both a developer and educator in the space, Chris Wiegman will break down some of the benefits and problems with getting started in an environment such as WordPress and we’ll discuss ways to both level up your own career as well as what to watch out for when you’re looking for someone to help with your business.

  • Localizing WordPress

    We will be discussing localizing scripts with WordPress and, in particular, usage of wp_localize_script() and related functions to allow for communication between Javascript and PHP within WordPress.

    Script localization is a handy tool for API work or anything in which Javascript would require a dynamic variable such as a WordPress option or other information stored in the WordPress database.

  • Make WP-CLI Work For You: Extending WP-CLI With Custom Commands

    WP_CLI is a powerful tool, even right out of the box. But it can be made to do so much more. This talk will discuss extending WP_CLI by adding your own commands. Whether for simple site maintenance or helping to manage clients learn to utilize WP_CLI to it’s maximum extent the right way with tips on adding commands, handling input and output and making sure that users can figure out just what your command is doing. This is an advanced talk appropriate for intermediate to advanced developers.

  • Making WordPress Your Career (panel)

    Are you a passionate WordPress user or developer?

    Wondering how to successfully turn your hobby or part-time gig into your full-time job? Wanting to change careers? Or maybe you’re just getting started?

    Our panel of WordPress folks will discuss how we have successfully made a career out of WordPress. Some of us are coders, some are designers, and some just enjoy helping people. Some of us work for ourselves, others work for companies or organizations. Our common denominator is that in some way, WordPress pays the bills! Expect to hear some stories, some best-practices, and how we’ve learned from mistakes along the way.

    This is a great chance to figure out what’s hot in WordPress-land, learn what skills are most prized by employers, when it might be better to go freelance, and how to promote yourself and build your resume. We’ll have lots of time for discussion and questions along the way.

  • Moving Sites and Managing Domains

    Moving your WordPress site to a new host or even a new domain can be a difficult endeavor. Chris will show you how to accomplish a successful move without loss of data, your SEO, or your hair. The session will include pointers and tools you can use to make your move easier as well as a checklist to make certain you’ve covered all your bases, including how to work on your site using the IP Address. There will be a 5 minute primer on what domain names actually are and changing to a straight IP address and how to keep multiple sites live for development work.

  • PHP: An Introduction to the Language Beneath WordPress

  • Secure WordPress (workshop with Joe Herbrandson of Sucuri.net)

  • Securing The Open Source CMS Doesn’t Take a Dissertation

  • Securing WordPress

  • Securing WordPress is Easier Than Making Coffee

  • Securing WordPress the Right Way

    There’s a lot of information out there on making WordPress as secure as possible. Some of it is great and some of it, well, not so great. This talk will walk users through numerous tips and tricks for securing WordPress the right way from the start. In addition we’ll look at a few security misconceptions in an attempt to sort the good information from the bad and keep you from becoming the next victim.

  • Securing WordPress: Better WP Security

  • Securing Your Code: WordPress Security for Developers

    We’ll take a deep dive into secure WordPress development. We’ll go far beyond nonces and WordPress functions, and will look into what can go wrong at a lower level if poor security practices are used during WordPress development.

  • Security for Your Webserver: How to Protect Your Website By Protecting The Server It Runs On

    There are a lot of tools from Fail2ban to firewalls that go beyond the code and WordPress itself to protect your website. This talk will focus on implementing solutions to secure your web server and related components in order to make sure that there are no holes anywhere else that could compromise even the most updated sites and vigilant site owners. This talk is appropriate for developers and site owners that have full control of the server their WordPress site runs on.

  • Security Panel (panel)

  • Setting up a Development Environment for a New, First-Time Developer

  • Starting From Scratch: Get Your Website Hosted and Running on WordPress (panel)

  • Successes and Failures of A Large Free Plugin

  • Understanding WordPress Vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, WTF)

    This intermediate to advanced talk will focus on the types of vulnerabilities common in WordPress plugins by providing insight into the common vulnerabilities prevalent in WordPress plugins and themes including what they are, how they work and what a site owner can do to prevent them. Topics will include XSS, CSRF and various other vulnerabilities often seen in WordPress.

  • Vagrant Up

  • Vetting A Plugin

  • WordPress Security Setup & Configuration (panel)

  • WTF RWD! Agreeing to Disagree (panel)